Amruti Borad, DO, LCS Certified Coach


I am an Osteopathic Family Medicine Physician. I realized I wanted to become a Physician towards the end of High School, so I was grateful to have been accepted to an accelerated medical program between Pitzer College and Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, in Pomona, California.

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Although I originally planned to become a Neurologist, after completing my third-year clinical rotations, it became clear that Family Medicine was actually the perfect fit for me – I can be a Jackie of all trades and enjoy having long-term relationships with families!


I completed my residency at UCLA and continued a career at UCLA in academic medicine for about four years. I thought my whole life would be in academics (I love teaching), but life took another path and I started a career in a new UC San Diego Health Primary Care department, CommUnity Care, a non-academic department, focused on patient care, in Rancho Bernardo.


During this time, I was also a volunteer preceptor for one of the UCSD Health Free Clinics, until the Pandemic. I then soon became the Department COVID-19 Lead Physician, followed by the Clinic Medical Director and the Department Wellness Director. I had the opportunity to achieve my Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and graduated from the Health Leadership Academy at UCSD Health.


This brought me great purpose – the ability to be at the forefront of Physician and Staff burnout prevention and make positive changes for our patients on a larger scale within the healthcare system. Regardless of this passion, I, like many others, reached a breaking point and it was time to make a hard decision. I decided to choose my own well-being and once I did that, a great opportunity came along.


I was invited to join a Concierge Medicine practice at UCSD Health, allowing me more time with my patients, resulting in better health outcomes and achieving a true work-life balance. I like to think my Physician Coach opened a door in my mind I didn’t know existed.


I think I would have left medicine without her support, and because of that, I wanted to pay it forward and so became a certified Coach via The Life Coach School. I now work with future and current Physicians, revealing that everything you need is right within you.