Our Program

Our 4-month fully digital, members only life coaching program is designed to meet the specific needs of busy physicians. The teaching materials are self-paced, often asynchronous, and flexible so as to easily fit full and varied schedules. Coaching calls or recorded live, with replays available to be watched “on demand” at any time, so all members are able to benefit.

Pre-recorded Videos

Each lesson is accompanied by a video offering innovative, high-yeild didactic teaching on topics curated to challenges encountered by physicians and clinicians.

Self-Study Materials

The video modules are complimented by weekly worksheets around coaching themes for reflective metacognition, further supporting the teaching material.

Live Coaching Calls

We host regular pre-scheduled group coaching calls on Zoom led by a professional, certified physician life coach, with replays available inside the member dashboard.

Written Coaching

Members are able to anonymously ask about any challenge, question or situation they would like coaching on at any time, and receive a reply from a certified coach.

View Dr. Michael Hersh’s story of how coaching and vulnerability changed everything for him, and why group coaching is so powerful.

See our coaching in action with Better Together Coaches Tyra Fainstad and Mia Woodward.

“In this randomized clinical trial of 1017 women trainee physicians, participants randomly assigned to a 4-month group-coaching program had a statistically significant reduction in all scales of burnout, moral injury, and impostor syndrome, as well as improved self-compassion and flourishing, compared with the control group.”

“The Better Together coaching program demonstrated the feasibility of using certified physician coaches to deliver group-based coaching through a multimodal delivery format… “

Our Team

Our team of certified coaches come from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds. They know where you are, because they have been there. Our coaches are specially trained in helping YOU define success in your life, and grow in ways you didn’t know you could.

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