Can I just sign up my most burned out or most interested employees?

No. Our model is a subscription to an entire defined group supported by the institution (ex- Division of Cardiology, or Department of Surgery, or Residents in the Radiology Residency Program).


Our mission is to change the culture of medicine, and institutional support for an individually-harnessed intervention is a great way to accomplish this.


The subscription model is similar to an institution buying a license for UpToDate: the institution offers it, and then it’s up to the employees to use it as they need and see fit. The reason behind this is two-fold:


  1. Eligible participants decide if they want to participate, and when. Institutional subscription for the academic year (July-June), includes access to either or both the Fall (Sept-Dec) or Spring (Feb-May) cohort for ALL eligible participants.
  2. Anonymity matters. It’s important that eligible participants know that the program is confidential and that their participation (or not) is not known to their supervisors or leadership. Data shows that supervisors soliciting interest in a wellbeing intervention can be stigmatizing and paradoxically discourages access of mental health resources. We ask that you do NOT solicit interest in the program before offering it, but simply publicize it as “you all have access to this, and leadership/supervisors won’t know who accesses it and who does not.” This method allows for the essential establishment of a psychologically safe environment within Better Together, and increases the chances of robust participation and results for your participants.
Do employers need to protect the time of participants to do this program?

No. This program was originally built for the busiest of doctors: resident physicians who are often working 80 (and more!) hours per week. All components of the program can be accessed asynchronously and conveniently, 24/7, and folks can engage as much or as little as works for them.

When does the next session start?

Our enrollment period for new institutions and groups is open now! Email us today at bettertogethercoaching@cuanschutz.edu for details.


During the academic year, your group will have access to either or both of the Fall (Sept-Dec) or Spring (Feb-May) cohorts.

How does this offering and pricing compare to other coaching programs?

Similar coaching programs marketed directly to individuals cost between $5,000-$20,000 per person for 4 months. Ours gives twice the access (TWO 4 month cohorts) for a fraction of the price. We can offer this price point because we are not here to make money. Better Together is a curricular offering of the University of Colorado School of Medicine (not-for-profit).

How will I know this will work for my group?

We have studied this very program rigorously in residents/fellows and post-graduate clinicians (MD/DO faculty and staff). Study in APPs and medical students are underway. So far, we have found statistically and clinically significant wellbeing improvements in every group.


We provide each institution with baseline de-identified well-being data of their group and a national comparator, as well as post-coaching data for well-being indices of participants to evaluate if the program is working at your site.

I am interested in an individual subscription, can I subscribe to this program for just myself?

Not yet. We are so glad you are interested and recommend asking your leadership to learn more about bringing Better Together to your group or institution.

What is the time commitment of this program?

Participants in Better Together decide for themselves when and how they engage with the program. Average participation ranges from 15 minutes per week, for those who like to read our weekly updates and check in on the website periodically, to 5+ hours per week for those who like to join in or listen to live calls and work through the weekly self-study course. There are no grades and no requirements. We believe folks can decide for themselves how the program can serve them best.

Want to learn how you can implement the Better Together program at your organization?