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“In this randomized clinical trial of 1017 women trainee physicians, participants randomly assigned to a 4-month group-coaching program had a statistically significant reduction in all scales of burnout, moral injury, and impostor syndrome, as well as improved self-compassion and flourishing, compared with the control group.”


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“The Better Together coaching program demonstrated the feasibility of using certified physician coaches to deliver group-based coaching through a multimodal delivery format… “


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We created Better Together Physician Coaching (BT) as an online, group coaching program for physicians with an aim to decrease burnout and increase wellbeing, therefore enhancing effectiveness, satisfaction and excellence in their career and beyond.

Burnout is a huge problem in the medical community.


While 1:1 professional life coaching supports physician wellbeing by increasing resilience and reducing burnout, it relies on substantial faculty development and coordination. We created this program to solve that problem, our group coaching model can impact hundreds of clinicians for relatively little faculty coach time.

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The Intervention

Participants are given access to coaching on a secure, members-only platform in three ways:


Pre-scheduled, regular live group coaching calls on Zoom


Weekly self-study worksheets and videos


Unlimited anonymous written coaching

Our Coaching Method

We use a metacognitive coaching tool to teach participants a tangible way to reframe thoughts, implement change, and learn methods for healthy coping.


After completing the BT program, participants experienced lower rates of burnout and imposter syndrome, and greater levels of self-compassion.

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Questions about Better Together?

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