Gretchen Bruno, MD, LCS Certified Coach


I am a dedicated physician, passionate life coach, grateful mama, and perpetual student of life. I have practiced OBGyn in Denver, CO since 2004. My training prior to that was at UVA in Charlottesville, VA and VCUHS in Richmond, VA. Much of my life has been spent achieving more, doing more, and taking on a lot more than the average human- typical physician behavior. There was a part of me that thought if I just get there, look like that, have this much, it will all be ok. Well I got ‘there’, looked like ‘that’, had plenty and still did not find the golden ticket to utopia as I imagined. Getting out of residency was not the magic I envisioned. I have been on a journey of self discovery for as long as I can remember. Yoga teacher training, Ironman races, meditation retreats were some of my favorites on the path to learning how I work and up-leveling my life, but ultimately, coaching and understanding what is underneath my emotions, actions, and results has shifted my life immeasurably in terms of what I now know to be possible. I am so excited to share this gift with you and aspire to be a part of the movement to shift the culture of medicine. We are all better together, and you are way more powerful than you may know!