Hilit F. Mechaber, MD, FACP, LCS Certified Coach


I have been privileged to dedicate over two decades of my career as a general internist, clinician educator and medical school administrator caring for patients while also supporting and shaping the professional development of several thousand medical students and residents.


I was fortunate to find and explore coaching at a time of great uncertainty in life and in my career in academic medicine. Along with the support of mentors, coaching guided my self-discovery of priorities and boundaries, and rekindled my passion for many aspects of my profession and my life.


I am a proud mother, wife, daughter, sister, and Certified Life Coach. As a coach I teach physicians and trainees how to harness their best versions of themselves to achieve all that is possible. For fun, you’ll find me spending time with my two Labradors, lounging at the beach, cheering at college football games, and singing karaoke.