Junaid Niazi, MD, LCS Certified Coach


I am a board certified internist and pediatrician working as a primary care physician for a large healthcare organization in the upper Midwest. Part of my time is spent as an Information Services Medical Director working on optimizing the EHR for physician use and patient care.

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I completed my undergraduate studies at Rice University, medical school at Baylor College of Medicine, and residency at the University of Minnesota.


I am married to a pediatrician and have two toddlers.


In addition to the above roles, I am also a physician life coach and an entrepreneur via my business Prosperous Life MD, where I blog and coach physicians on all things wellness, productivity, finances, and careers.


I also run a group coaching program called Charting Conquered that helps physicians complete their charting at work, and to date has helped over 150 physicians reclaim their time at home for themselves.