Kanapa “Kana” Kornsawad, MD, LCS Certified Coach


I am a hospitalist at the University of Texas Health San Antonio, a wife to Danny, mom to my paw baby Camille, a transplant patient, and APD to residents in Internal Medicine. My passion is to help people find their personal vision for living and working with joy and purpose. I am learning to value my internal validation, be mindful, and live my best life. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my husband and learning about different cultures through their delicious cuisines.

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I found coaching when I got an offer to be an Internal Medicine Residency APD last year. I got accepted to the residency program seven years after graduating from medical school and had to resign five months into my internship training due to sickness. At each step in my life, I always thought people felt pity as the basis of their desire to help me. I assumed they felt bad that I came from a low-income family, studied medicine in Thailand, have a chronic disease, suffered from kidney failure, and had to get a kidney transplant.


The imposter phenomenon was growing from my inner critics every day. I almost said no when they offered me the position due to concern, they would find out I had nothing they were looking for and I was a fraud. Throughout my career, I have always tried to do everything I could to prove that I deserve to be here or to please everyone. I kept looking for praise and receiving constructive feedback from learners and colleagues was my number one enemy. My friend recommended I listen to one of the workshop sessions that Tyra and Adrienne did for AAIM. I started learning more about coaching and decided to join The Life Coach School.


I had a beautiful experience through my coaching training, and I want the chance to share these experiences with our learners or anyone who will benefit from coaching. I continue to coach myself every day and am very proud of my story but I now look at it from a different angle. Many of us might be suffering silently through things in our lives; my personal vision is to share my experiences and the coaching tool with ALL so we can create a beautiful life.