Megan Mistry, DO, LCS Certified Coach


Born in the 70’s, high school in the 80’s, medical school in the 90’s- my career started before cell phones and electronic medical records! Navigating change has been an ongoing exercise throughout my career. My first primary care fulfilled my National Health Corps obligation and provided the opportunity to work in a large urban community health center. In the early 2000’s I moved to a hospital-based practice, and I continue to live and work in a Boston suburb with my physician husband, 2 teenage children, two pandemic cats and an elderly rescued Labrador.


I am an avid fiction reader, yogi, middle of the pack runner and love to run big city marathons. Life coaching came into my life when I was struggling to better connect to my daughter. I knew the parent I wanted to be but felt stuck and hopeless. Once I understood the power my own thoughts had in my life- I gained a clarity I never dreamed possible- in every part of my life. I became a coach to share this work with others. It is my hope to help physicians in their 50’s (my people!) realize their dreams and goals and to know that the life they want is within their grasp!