Carole Warde, MD, FACP, LCS Certified Coach


I am a mother, wife, daughter, General Internist, Clinician Educator, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Leadership Consultant and Certified Life Coach. Balancing all of these roles is an exciting journey filled with many joyful and challenging times, and certainly many valuable lessons. I have been fortunate to have a loving and supportive spouse, curious and funny children who are now independent adults, caring and giving mentors and colleagues, courageous and curious trainees, patient and loving friends and family. I have learned that self-awareness and compassion for myself and others is the key to success in all we do. It is now time for me to give back to my professional community by sharing my presence, heart and insight with medical professionals and trainees in a kind and compassionate way. I have chosen to do so as a Certified Life Coach with the Better Together program.