Adrienne Mann, MD, Co-Founder and Master Certified Coach


I am a hospitalist at the VA,  a good friend, a wife to Scott, mom to Amelia and Charlotte, and APD to residents in Internal Medicine. I am learning how to stop overcommitting to others and underdelivering to myself. I believe it is possible to be successful in everything I do, because I define what my own success is.

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I found coaching when I was in my 2nd or 3rd year out of training. I had a young family and was advancing through the ranks in my clinical practice and taking on leadership roles in my institution. It wasn’t long before I the wheels started to wobble. I was suffering with post-partum depression and barely keeping my head above water at work or at home. I was eating and drinking more than I wanted or needed to so I could feel better about myself. On a friend’s recommendation, I hired a coach to help me get my mind and body back on track and it  CHANGED MY LIFE.


With coaching, I learned how to take responsibility for my own experience in life. The good parts and the hard parts. I learned that it wasn’t anyone or anything (ahem, donuts, wine, or Instagram) else’s job to make me feel better.  I learned that moving UP and moving FORWARD aren’t always in the same direction. I learned that the only person who knows where I need to go and what I need to do is ME.


I am here because I know how much I needed these tools as a resident. I needed to know that I deserve to feel confident and worthy regardless of what other people think. I learned that when I let go of pleasing everyone else, and learning how to honor myself, I could grow into the very best version of myself as a woman/mom/wife/clinician and leader.

I am SO glad you are here and can’t wait to see what you have in store for yourself!